Call for Video Portraits – SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED

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SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for your interest!

Here is the finished video. Enjoy!

And Still We Dance from ISTM on Vimeo.





Please send us your “Portrait” – help us recognize healthcare professionals

We believe that, during this extraordinary and unique moment, healthcare professionals and first responders need to be recognized for their dedication, bravery, empathy and compassion. We are putting out a worldwide call for Video Portraits. We are putting together a short film and your portrait could be included! that will honor and recognize healthcare professionals and first responders for their service at this difficult time. The video will be set to music hand-selected and played by famed musician Yo-Yo Ma.

Please share your Video Portrait with us if you are willing. Here’s how you do it:

We are looking for “selfie”-style video portraits of anyone who works in healthcare or as a first responder. Preference will be given to portraits taken on the job OR in your professional attire. If you are regularly wearing PPE (protective mask, etc) at this time, please feel free to wear it in the portrait. Use your smart phone to record a 5-to-10 second video of your own face or of the face of a colleague. Some detailed instructions:

  • Using your smartphone, take a video of your face, as if you are taking a selfie OR ask a friend or colleague to record a video portrait of you. (A video, NOT a photo.)

  • Send your submission by email to:

  • Please include your current location (City and Country) in the subject line OR in the body of the email. Your image and your email address will not be shared or used for any purpose outside of this project.

  • We are only looking for a portrait-style, silent shot. We only want a video of your face + shoulders. While we appreciate creativity, resist the urge. We won’t be able to use your submission if it includes speaking, written signs, moving camera, large groups of people, waving hands, etc. Keep it simple please.
  • We are looking for a variety of portraits with a neutral/serious expression AND smiling portraits. If you’d like to send two (one smiling, one not) please feel free, in two separate emails.

  • Please send your portrait as a video, NOT a still photograph. Here is an example:

  • Try to limit the run-time of your video to 10 seconds.

  • By submitting a video, you are consenting to being included in a short film that will have global reach on the internet and on social media.

  • Do not include bystanders or patients in your video.

  • If you submit a video of a colleague or friend, please ensure they also consent to being included in the film.

  • Think before you film! Although we want submissions from the work environment, in filming your video please do not increase any risk of infection transmission or impede essential activity.

  • We encourage you to wear PPE (protective attire, masks, etc) in your video, but please do not use and discard PPE exclusively for the video. PPE is essential and in short supply during this crisis, so we don’t want to waste any. If you are able to take a video portrait while wearing PPE in the service of doing your work / preparing to see a patient, that is ideal. Portraits without PPE are also welcome, of course.

  • We want to capture a wide spectrum of nationalities and represent the diversity of the people doing this work. Please encourage those in your workplace to take part, and forward this call for submissions to friends and colleagues working on the frontlines of this crisis all over the world. To share this call for submissions on social media, feel free to post this link:

Thank you for contributing your likeness to this project!

This project is a collaboration between the International Society of Travel Medicine, Harvard Medical School, the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center, Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility, Center for the Art of Medicine, Mount Auburn Hospital, Yo-Yo Ma’s Sound Postings, and Emmy-winning film production company Chris Newberry Productions.